Non-Profit Organizations
Lindsey + Associates' non-profit clients depend on us year round for financial counsel and their accounting, bookkeeping, auditing and tax compliance work. Staff members are QuickBooks certified and work daily with employees and volunteers to help them decipher the world of tax filings, tax exposure, fundraising tax implications, grant accounting, and, when necessary, penalty tax and interest filings. We help them create internal financial controls to make sure all the numbers add up. We take time to help educate board members as well and respond to their questions on their fiduciary responsibilities and prepare them for accounting changes or update them on current issues in accounting and tax. Our non-profit clients depend on us for answers to all their questions, and we respond.

State & Local Governments
Lindsey + Associates has decades of experience in helping municipalities meet their yearly audit requirements, compile their CAFR reports, and achieve their accounting goals. Staff members are Yellow Book Certified to handle the unique needs of governmental accounting. We help local and state governments respond to constantly changing accounting standards and our team is available year round, not just during the annual audit. In fact, we serve as a trusted resource to our government clients helping with special projects like tax differential studies, fraud investigation, internal auditing processes and presentations to senior staff. We're a year round expert resource for all our clients' questions.

Entrepreneurial Start-Up Companies
Start-up businesses have so many questions. Our role at Lindsey + Associates is to make new companies comfortable in the highly technical world of accounting and tax filings. We help start-up professionals choose the most appropriate business entity for their work and discuss record keeping options and techniques to keep them from scrambling at year end tax filing time. We provide QuickBooks training and help define their financial requirements in layman terms then serve as a resource for all their questions. We're somebody to talk to when it gets overwhelming, and an expert source available daily. We bring down to earth, practical advice to new businesses.

Privately Held Businesses
Lindsey + Associates provides real time responses to privately held companies with our remote connect service. We help business owners address their accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance demands. For many, we become their in-house financial expert and help them with loans, franchise disclosure forms, bonding, and cash flow. Our team's knowledge is broader than just accounting and auditing, and our business owners call on us for estate planning advice and litigation support in addition to retirement planning, health insurance questions, payroll and QuickBooks inquires. At Lindsey + Associates, we're a one stop resource for a broad range of financial concerns.

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